120,000 km OR 3 Years

Advanced research in production material and processes have allowed Dayco to manufacture increasingly efficient belts, capable of fulfilling all the work requirements and conditions that still seemed impossible just a few years ago

for example fuel injection pumps with high pressure exceeding 2,000 bars in some applications; 16 valve engines with dual camshafts and, in general, all engines with higher specific capacities and operating temperature above 120°C. These extreme conditions must be compatible with increasingly severe requirements in terms of comfort and performance, such as noise reduction, reduced dimensional tolerances, limited variation of the belt dimensions in operation, high abrasion resistance of the cloth and high travelling time

Dayco’s latest creation is the HT (High Tenacity Teflon) timing belt.

HT (High Tenacity Teflon) timing belts are among the latest products in the company's range

How HT Teflon was created

To meet extreme conditions, Dayco has designed a new structure for timing belts, called HT (High Tenacity Teflon). Designed to reduce to a minimum the cloth wear on the lap and toothed sides, this new belt is manufactured with an internal cloth coated with a highly abrasion resistant film and guarantees a longer useful life on all engines. It has now been developed and is available for all TDI Audi and VW engines, on TD, TDCi Ford, DCi Renault, JTD Fiat and HDi Citroen and Peugeot. It is also available for high temperature high output engines including Nissan Skyline RB25 & RB26 and Subaru Impreza WRX EJ20 & EJ25

For some special applications, a cloth is also applied to the back of the belt to increase the belt resistance to side wear, for compensating possible misalignment between the pulleys. Importantly HT Teflon is a Dayco patent and therefore can not be copied by competitors. Dayco supplies HT Teflon to OEM manufacturers and this makes Dayco the world’s only manufacturer that can truly lay claim to OEM equivalency over the entire timing belt program.

Let’s take a close look at the HT Teflon belt

The belt teeth are protected by a nylon/aramid cloth associated with a PTFE (Teflon) film “Polytetrafluorethylene” (Dayco patented). The cloth external part in contact with the pulleys is covered with a PTFE (Teflon) film which protects it from abrasions, reducing friction between the belt teeth and the pulley grooves, while the internal part in contact with the mix, and is impregnated with a special material to increase the mix adhesion to the cloth and to improve the ageing resistance. The resistant insert is made in new-generation, high module fiberglass and is treated with special materials that allow a perfect mechanical adhesion between the various components, a high ultimate tensile strength, inextensibility, excellent absorption of pulsing loads and improved ageing resistance. Without forgetting that the belt mix is made with a new HNBR polymer with high hydrogenation level that provides optimal resistance to high temperature and ageing. The addition of fibers in the mix provides an increased mechanical resistance of the belt tooth.

Today, this new structure is fitted on most of the new-generation diesel engines, and positions Dayco as the leader in the market of timing transmissions.