Brembo Braking Systems


Brake discs, calipers, pads and brake master cylinders are the four cardinal points of each brake system; however, they are likely to be useless without the core of the entire system, the brake fluid. This component is so neglected as to be generally controlled in a summary fashion, with topping instead of a more appropriate replacement, at the change frequency recommended by the manufacturer.

Vapour Lock formation
This sort of habit leaves room for the Vapour Lock, the formation of vapour bubbles due to boiling of the brake fluid that replace the normal fluid and are compressed, thereby sending the brake pedal to its fill stoke (spongy pedal). The origin is incident in the porosity of the tubes that make up the braking circuit, which in time draw moisture into the fluid, drastically reducing the boiling point. The result is a reduced braking efficiency.
Brembo Premium Brake Fluid
Brembo Premium brake fluids have a higher boiling point that exceeds the standard, thus offering superior resistance to the Vapour Lock and ensuring braking efficiency even at low temperatures. With high anti-corrosion properties and resistance to oxidation, Brembo brake fluid also allows for long-term unaltered chemical/physical characteristics of the fluid in operating circuit; therefore, preserving its integrity.

The Brembo Premium Brake Fluid range of products contains numerous solutions, to meet the needs of all vehicles

Having an extremely high boiling point and lower viscosity than required, it meets and greatly exceeds regulatory standards. Also suitable for vehicles with ABS.
DOT 4 Low Viscosity
Recommended for the latest generation vehicles with electronic control of braking systems and stability such as ABS, ESP, ASR, TCS, EBD, it is characterised by extremely low viscosity.\
DOT 5.1
Product with superior characteristics for resistance to high temperatures and viscosity value, it is recommended for high-performance vehicles, including vehicles with ABS.
It is a mineral-based hydraulic fluid specific for vehicle integrated brake circuits, suspension and steering systems that requires a product that meets the specification PSA B71 2710.