B.W.P Spark Pluge


"B.W.P Spark Plug Company" established in early 1990. Although based in Britain the company remained relatively unknown in the UK until late 1995 due to B.W.P’s 100% commitment to its world-wide export market.

unknown in the UK until late 1995 due to B.W.P’s 100% commitment to its world-wide export market.
Sole Importers and Distributors have been appointed in the Middle East,Asia,the far East,North and South America and African States as well as Continental Europe.Recently Ireland and at last,the UK itself became the latest country to discover the quality and reasonable cost of B.W.P Spark Plug.
Unlike so many other component/spares these days B.W.P use only materials made in the UK so the fine quality of the finished article can be assured.
This claim is substantiated by the 24 MONTH OR 60,000 MILE GUARANTEE that is offered alongside"the power behind your engine"-B.W.P No.1 products and impressive WARRANTY.
The approximately 100 page catalogue has applications recommended for use in vehicles worldwide contained within its pages.Even the catalogue has been acclaimed by the UK Motoring Press for its quality and informative content adding credence to B.W.P efforts to maintain the highest standards in all areas from-DEVELOPMENT-PRODUCTION-MARKETING and SALES.
The LATEST TECHNOLOGY has enabled B.W.P to continue the trend of being at the forefront of its genre ,as NEW DEVELOPMENTS include the HIGH-PERFORMANCE/LONGER LASTING-SINGLE AND DOUBLE PLATINUM AND IRIDIUM spark plugs used in a wide range of modern engines.This and other developments now extend B.W.P range in other areas of the vehicle components sector as modern technology demands guaranteeing a bright future for B.W.P and our valued customers with a TOTALLY RELIABLE PRODUCT.
B.W.P commitment and investment in this area of the motor industry proves how serious the company is maintaining its position in the component sector or its WORLDWIDE MARKET and we invite you all to join us in these exciting times by becoming importers and distributors of our proven quality products.

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