Automtive Timing Belts

Automtive Timing Belts



Braking Systems

Braking Systems

Manufacturer of alternator pulleys, tensioners

Manufacturer of alternator pulleys, tensioners

Since 1990 - England

Since 1990 - England


How we are different

Over 50 Years of Experience in Auto Spare parts

Experience it self can not provide a successful business model, it is necessary to gather all elements of success to form a strong & stable model which contains the seeds of continuous evolution.

Reach you wherever you are

We appreciate your time and effort so we will reach you to meet all your requests.

We will reach you anywhere in Egypt as our trucks fleet covers all governorates, cities and even villages. The main mission of our delegates is to reach you wherever you are and meet all your requests

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Effective communication with our customers is a major reason for success

Close cooperation with our customers to meet their needs and seriously respond to their complaints and work as hard as possible to resolve all their issues.

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Uniqe code protection system

The ultimate protection against counterfeiting

In order to protect consumers from counterfeit products, we have developed a unique code protection system where each product has a unique code in our database printed on the product box where the consumer can verify the original product by checking the code and registering the product in two ways by visiting our website or by Contacting us by phone

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Mission Statement

Our most important goal since we started 40 years ago was to provide the Egyptian market with the latest and finest auto spare parts approved by the major car makers in the world to protect the consumer from bad products to ensure his safety, .... Our ambition has no end as We have achieved a lot but we still have a lot to achieve.

Shalabi Ghaleb


Frequently Asked Question

  • How do I make sure I have purchased an original timing belt?

    • Call us at 16907


  • How do I register my shop/company as your distributor

    Contact us on hotline 16907 and go to the relevant section (technical questions and wholesale sales) by clicking (2) and one of our delegates will respond to you

    Required information and documents :

    •  Shop/Company Name
    •  Name of the owner of the Shop/Company
    •  Shop/Company address
    •  Shop/Company owner’s mobile number
    •  Copy of Commercial Registration (sent by WhatsApp to 01000105234)
    •  Copy of the tax card (sent by WhatsApp to 01000105234)
    •  Copy of the owner's national number (sent via WhatsApp to 01000105234)

    After completing all the data/documents, one of our representatives will contact you and schedule a visit to complete the registration process

  • How can I find my area delegates

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