60,000 km OR 2 Years

It is estimated that nearly one-third, or about 70 million, vehicles currently on the road utilize a timing belt. Without proper maintenance and replacement

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120,000 km OR 3 Years

Advanced research in production material and processes have allowed Dayco to manufacture increasingly efficient belts, capable of fulfilling all the work requirements and conditions that still seemed impossible just a few years ago

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Designed for the replacement of worn or damaged original equipment manufacturer timing belts, Dayco Timing Belt Kits include belts, tensioners and idler pulleys. Dayco offers one of the most complete lines of timing belt kits in the market and all kit

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Drive alignment is critical. As a complement to its accessory drive belts and tensioners, Dayco provides a wide range of pulleys and idlers in stamped and formed steel, plastic and powdered metal, with various bearing configurations to suit even the highest belt loading. The idler pulleys are available to be sub-assembled to engineered brackets.

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